Cancer Patient

As I am now 8 years suffering from prostate cancer, I am receiving chemo treatment which has made me very tired. In pain, I have been taking pain pills on a daily basis for over six years. My wife suggested acupuncture with Sarah. After my second treatment, I stopped taking pain medication and my energy level is fantastic! Sarah is a fantastic practitioner who I trust completely.

"Mark Kusic(After 5 sessions of treatment)"

As I am now starting my third round of chemo. treatment at the B.C.cancer clinic I became anxious for another round of discomfort and loss of energy. Approximately five weeks ago I started receiving treatment by Sarah. During this time I have been completely pain free and my energy levels make me feel as if I'm in my 20's ( I'm 62). I must stress that prior to this I have taken pain medication daily and have had a one hour nap every afternoon. As I run my own business this has been counterproductive and has had me incur costs of having someone in my place most days. My previous blood tests also indicated low liver function in addition to other tests that were marginal. As of last week all my blood work shows that I am in normal ranges. My PSA continues to increase which has resulted in my return to chemo but my comfort level has increased that to date I have had no problems of any kind tolerating my treatment. My oncologist at VGH who is the head of that department has encouraged me to continue with my acupuncture. Sarah Kim's professionalism and dedicated care to her patients is beyond reproach. In my entire life I have never endorsed any product or service, but feel I must with respect to her services. Sarah Kim has changed the quality of my life for which I am forever grateful.

"Mark Kusic(After 9 sessions of treatment)"

Allergy Rhinitis

I am a GIO student. I cannot remember the times that I breathed through my nose in my past. My nose was always filled with mucus and I always felt heavy sensations in my head and had frequent headaches. I can't forget the feeling when I received my first treatment at Kim's clinic. As soon as Sarah applied needles, I could feel my nasal passage clear and I could breathe through my nose! It has become a pleasure to go to Kim's clinic once a week. My family enjoys the serenity at night because I have stopped snoring (They are thankful of it). Kim said after 10 sessions, I only need to come once a month to maintain this condition. I am very happy.

Sinus Pain and Sports Injuries

My family and I have been going to Sarah for the past year and we would be lost without her. For myself I have been going to her for sinus pain and sport injuries. It is amazing how her acupuncture and massage release the tension and pain in muscles. Her treatments, together with TCM, I have found to be very effective. Thanks to Sarah I am enjoying my soccer again. It is so reassuring to know that someone as professional as Sarah is watching out for you.

"Paul Moody"

Sports Injuries (Back, Feet)

As a dancer, I get many injuries. With 22 hours a week, it's nearly impossible to avoid. Recently I had a muscle spasm causing my whole upper back to seize up. Immediately I went to see Sarah. Mrs. Kim treats injuries on a much broader scale than most doctors or physiotherapists, which is better in the long run. Within a few appointments, my back was back to its original health.

"Courtney Young"

Sports Injury

I have enjoyed playing tennis for more than last thirty years; however, because of that, I have suffered from some small and serious pain. I have received various therapy and treatments in my life to cure my body pain, but among them, I believe acupuncture is the best way to get rid of it. Thankfully, Kim also enjoyed playing tennis and knew exactly which muscle she should take care of. This precise treatment made me recover faster than I had expected.
Even now, I am very thankful to Kim.


Lower Back Pain & Sciatica

After 4 sessions, my pain was completely gone and I had mobility again. My body feels smoother after each session. Sarah Kim is an excellent and talented healer!

"Shauna Barnes"

Low Backache

I used to have no knowledge about acupuncture. After meeting with Kim, I realized that acupuncture was the best treatment to cure my back pain that I had suffered for the last two years after a car accident. I have given ten sessions of acupuncture, I feel like 75% of my back pain has gone, and I am now expecting another ten sessions treatment.


General Health Care and Beauty

I have been to a few acupuncturists before and Sarah is by far the best. She is professional and very competent. I like how Sarah treats the whole body and works on prevention as well as cure. Sarah has a deep desire to heal her patients and is so patient and kind when discussing one's issues. Even though I sometimes do not have a specific issue, I like to go through to Sarah to strengthen my overall system. Sarah s an incredible source of knowledge when it comes to Traditional Chinese Medicine and will always take the time to discuss and explain her treatments with you. I would recommend her for all your health and beauty concerns.


Wrinkle Care

I am a woman in my mid-fifties and I have a type of skin that is thin and finely wrinkled. Since last year my daughter has recommended me to this clinic and recently I had the opportunity to try out 5 treatments of AcuTox. I was very impressed with the results and decided to write a testimonial to express my gratitutde. I had the wrinkles on my forehead, mouth, and neck and also the sagging cheeks and chin treated. Not only did I receive a lifting effect, my skin also became clearer. I feel confident and happy about myself and would strongly recommend this clinic.


Wrinckle Care

I had the botox injections to erase wrinkles, but the result was bad. The effect lasts for a short period of time and it was costly. I visited Kim in the hope that she would plump up the muscles, and the result was very satisfying. Not only she erased small wrinkles but also she made my face tone brighter and more even! Now I feel like my face has become ten years younger! Even my prolonged headache is gone! Kim is a wonderful doctor! Meeting Kim was something special.
She is my angle.



At the time I visited Kim, it had been more than 8 months since I had a trouble sleeping because of stress.
I was also suffering from shoulder pain so that I couldn't even use a computer. Having met Kim was a miracle.
Since the day I received acupuncture, I could sleep like a log. After three sessions, I was free from my shoulder pain.
Now, I have finished seven sessions with Kim, and even my stomach problems are gone! I'm looking forward to receiving three more sessions so that way I will not go back to what I was before.